Restored 2 More

Join the Restoration Movement with Clinton and Charity Muñoz

June 08, 2022 Charity & Clinton Munoz Season 1 Episode 87
Restored 2 More
Join the Restoration Movement with Clinton and Charity Muñoz
Show Notes

How many of us are affected by a story of sexual brokenness?
How many of us feel lost and isolated in our shame?
How many of us feel disconnected from community and are tempted to feel hopeless? 

In this podcast, we share the stats of sexual brokenness and the mission God has called us to. We invite YOU to be a part of the movement and ask if you would pray about partnering with us to reclaim enemy territory. Today, Clinton and I repent. We're sorry for trying to do too much on our own and not asking for your help sooner. We now see that we have deprived you of the blessing of sharing the load and burden for this ministry.

 In this episode, we vulnerably share the journey of Restored 2 More and God calling us out of our previous lines of work to build this ministry. We explain how it started, the trials we faced early on, and the struggles we now face that could potentially shut us down. We believe that God will make a way and is already impressing on people's hearts about how they can become a partner and a teammate for the restoration movement in Jesus' name.

Listen today, but most of all, pray. Pray and ask God how He wants to lead you. Pray that we would be humble yet bold. Pray that our faith would be unshakeable and that in all trials, we would consider it joy and press into Jesus. Thank you for listening, but more importantly, thank you for participating in the work God has called us to.

How to contact us to become a partner: