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Does My Body Tell A Story? w/ Linda Noble and Linda Stewart

May 18, 2022 Charity & Clinton Muñoz Season 1 Episode 84
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Does My Body Tell A Story? w/ Linda Noble and Linda Stewart
Show Notes

While at a conference in St. Louis, I got the privilege to interview Linda Noble and Linda Stewart from The Conversation Workshop. In this episode, they share how understanding the meaning behind God's design of our body can bring us closer to Jesus and reveal a  new perspective on our biology.  

In a season of distress and depression, Linda Noble shares how God flipped the script and led her to experience Himself in a way she never had before. She states, "I had never understood that His love and was full of pursuit and that his utmost desire was for me to know him, flourish and thrive."  

How do we experience the love of Jesus? What does it mean to be a human person, and what is the meaning behind sex, singleness, marriage, and our body? What if understanding these topics could point us closer to Jesus and expand our understanding of His will for our lives?  

Linda Noble explains how the design of the human body reveals God's invitation for love and communion with Himself. And why the "rules, the dos and do nots" fall short because they lack the meaning behind God's message.

This podcast is pivotal not only for ourselves but also for us parents raising kids in a time where our body is being attacked by culture. As parents, we need to know the why behind our kids' questions and the meaning behind God's teachings. 

Join me today for a great conversation with the Lindas from The Conversation Workshop.

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