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Married Sex with Debra Fileta

March 02, 2022 Charity & Clinton Muñoz Season 1 Episode 76
Restored 2 More
Married Sex with Debra Fileta
Show Notes

Our favorite one-liners:

“Trust is not a gift to be given, but  is a responsibility to be earned.”
“Healthy people make healthy relationships.”
“What’s happening in the present is normally rooted in the past.”
“Admitting our brokenness to our spouse is the first step in moving towards intimacy.”

Today we had the incredible opportunity to interview Debra Fileta, a licensed professional counselor, author, relational expert, and national speaker. She is the author of True Love Dates, Choosing Marriage, Love in Every Season, Are You Really Ok? and Married Sex.

In this episode, Debra shares with us how her passion for couples came out of her brokenness and how God has used her story to lead couples to discover true and lasting intimacy.

She explains that our sexual brokenness is commonly rooted in our past, and instead of putting on a bandaid or increasing our frequency of sex, we need to heal the root issues. If we can learn to be a healthy spouse, we can begin to experience healthy, life-giving sexual intimacy. She explains how sex is so much more than a physical connection but that it is physiological, emotional, spiritual, and recreational. 

She asks a simple yet profound question,” what is your sexual template?” We all have one, and it defines how we view sex, but most of us have never examined if it is grounded in truth or lies. We must learn how to see through the fallacies of sex that culture has created and understand the beautiful experience that God made sex to be. She shares a powerful message and explains how we can begin to experience the incredible gift of Married Sex.

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